Renovating the Hard Way

MaikH 974

Originally intended as a rig-pinger rush deck, this is a nice antidote for the currently ubiquitous conspiracy breakers, and served my well against the two Maxx decks I faced in a recent small tournament. Which I won, giving me a nice excuse to publish this. Cards land in the Heap via Underway Renovations, Snares and the occasional meat damage from your ID, and important ones get Ark Lockdowned or cleansed wholesale with Chronos Project. Or never leave again due to Blacklist, although I should warn you from bitter experience that the combination of these tools will provide you with opportunities to look like an idiot.

The deck is also an attempt to use the Indian Stock Market as your economic backbone, and this influenced (and probably helps to explain) a lot of card choices. Your ice suite is mostly composed of cheap stuff, either neutral ETRs or obnoxious things. Of the latter, Owl was a surprise boon in many games; in a couple of games, planting an Owl before a Vanilla allowed another rush against installed Paperclips. Hiding amongst the underbrush are two facemelters, both of them still rezzable at four creds if you expend an agenda – ideally, a 1-pointer.

The ability to stay spiky at low credits is the main benefit of Indian Stock Market: you can rez stacked pieces of neutral ice, directly recouping some credits or even making money from Vanillas, and you can use unrezzed PriSecs, Bernices and so on as emergency reserves. Bonus points for rezzing a Snare that is about to be accessed to pay for it’s ability …

Tag punishment is a bit sparse, and not very focused. Purely going for a kill with High-Profile Target relies on a careless runner, but it is a viable plan C. There will be quite a lot of occasions where you can force or tempt your opponent to float a single tag, though, and cleaning their cash or their resources can ruin their day, too.