Blood Moon (AKA DBag Mti)

PureFlight 1038

This is the deck that you play against people when you want to remind them how dumb some of the cardpool is. I took this deck to 13th at the Chicago Regionals, although if I had ID'd the last round I would have made the Top 8 cut.


Although it performed well on the day, it's too inconsistent and dies to too many hate cards, like EStrike, DDoS, Mining Accident, Clan Vengeance, etc.

Part of it is that in a classic Moons list, you want a very low ice count, which doesn't work well in an ID that wants ice in your hand at all times. Part of it is that your ID gets very bad when you drop below 7 credits (4 to rez spooky ice, 3 to FA an agenda). There's probably something here, but someone better at Netrunner than me needs to figure it out.

The best first turn play is to install an asset and take 2. Ideally the asset is Estelle, Rashida, or Tech Startup for Estelle.

Honestly, they can pretty much wipe your board with 2 Bad Pub, so this deck probably won't go anywhere. At least the Political Dealings version. But the look of horror when you rez Estelle in Mti is pretty priceless.

13 Jun 2018 x3r0h0ur

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

13 Jun 2018 Sanjay

Your restraint at not playing Fumiko Yamamori in a deck with a Chetana and a Psychic Field is noted and appreciated, and a testament to the fact that a deck can always get more stupid.