Moscow Mule - Colorado Regionals 2nd Place

greyfield 3662

Game's canceled, everybody, so let's get drunk.

Rationale for updates from last version:

  • Surveyor is a big boy and often is better than Seidr Adaptive Barrier. Traces can be a liability but if you get them up to 10+ per it’s almost certain your opponent will be displeased with the result. Also reduces your Pirate exposure, since Kongamato loves Seidr.
  • To get the influence, sadly Miraju has to go. Excalibur doesn’t do a ton in the deck but is worth about as much as Miraju in those situations, ie a nasty surprise to an Indexer.
  • In trying to get the money costs down lower to fight back against Diversion of Funds, allow better rushing, and finance Surveyor, Archangel and Endless Eula have to go in favor of more Enigmas and Juas. (Endless Eula also seriously underperforms vs Laamb.) Archangel’s usefulness as a trap is sadly too narrow when you’re more concerned about pushing the tempo; often those three credits would be better served on scoring. And Jua is good against overeager Zer0 users. It’s possible even the third Tollbooth should be trimmed.

Originally my plan was to play Argus, which has good matchups against almost the entire field. However, I realized on Thursday just how severely Clan Vengeance had infiltrated the Colorado meta; playing a deck that depends on having multiple particular cards in its grip at once (and to boot fueled CV’s core functionality) was a bad idea. C’est la vie.

In the Swiss I beat Chaos Theory and 419 and lost to MaxX and Quetzal. In the cut I lost to MaxX and Quetzal and beat a MaxX. (In my meager defense, the Quetzal and MaxX decks were the same - I lost twice to the same two players, who finished first and third.) If anyone can think of a Runner deck that does well against Clan Vengeance and Indexing let us know.

18 Jun 2018 tooplard

Corp Town and Amani Senai have been fairly strong against CV in my experience.