Skorp Snare! Colorado Regional 1st in Swiss

jase2224 320

This is an update to my list that carried me to my win in the Store Championship season. With Freedom and Zer0 CV being strong, I went up to two Preemptive Actions to help mitigate trashed cards. Best Defense has also increased in value with PAD Tap, but is there mostly for people that still use SacCon to protect their precious breakers from HS. I considered bring Titan FA as it is really good, but I have issues with the luck factor of scoring an Atlas as that can really change how well the deck performs. I'm pretty happy with this list, but it does need a Crisium Grid somewhere as that is probably a strong tech card in the current meta. Anyway, on to the tournament report.

I was in Ogden, UT for the prior 10 days before our regional and had the pleasure of driving back along I-80 on Friday, only to wake up and register for this regional. First round was a bye from a Store Championship. Then I was paired against Aaron on stream vs his Haley and PU decks. Both games were nerve wrecking but fun great games. We've played in a lot of tournaments and always corp split with each other. However, I managed to pull the sweep and get paired against Jordan Peters for Round 3. We quickly decided on the ID as there were 5 of us that could make the cut the cut by doing IDs the rest of the day, but we also wanted to conserve our energy for the finals as our match-ups could go either way. Round 4 was against Spenser who was paired up and needed a sweep to have a chance for the cut. After some very wacky, weird, and fun games on stream (remember that when Mti throws you into a Chiyashi that you don't break it does ETR) I was able to sweep and get to top of swiss with points. Round 5 I was paired against Rick where we quickly did an ID to have a longer dinner break before the cut.

As top seed I decided to go with my Skorp against 419. However, my deck decided to flood me after a mulligan with 7 agendas in the first 13 cards and only 3 pieces of ICE. I did manager to HS both breakers Jibran had installed with the steals, but an Inside Job and my remote when I had 3 credits allow him to get past Archer and win. In hindsight, I should have probably ran as this list has a decent match up against Titan FA as long as you see Turntable and/or steal an Atlas before the train gets going.

Rick who is also a testing buddy and I got paired up in the lower bracket. He installed ICE and a face-down card in a remote server. I installed a DDoS and steal his Atlas. The ICE was a MoGo so he was able to score a couple of agendas, but I stole his other two Atlas before he could score him allowing me time to build up a board state to eventually close out the game.

I then went against Ryan's EdTech, which is a very good deck, but we both agreed that the Clanarch match-up is a great combo with Zer0. Similar to my first match in the cut, my deck decided to remind me of variance by pitching all Clan Vengeance into the bin, including two at once. I managed to get a GFI and Beale, but a 6 ICE remote was too expensive to run with Scarcity hurting my economy. What sealed the game in Ryan's favor was the two Indexing runs I made where I saw no agendas. I did have Zer0 from turn 1, but without CV it wasn't as valuable as run as I would have preferred.

The day was a great end to A:NR official OP tournaments in Colorado. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed seeing everyone that could attend yesterday’s event. All games played, displayed while this is a fun game, it is our community is awesome and what I truly enjoy about running. Until next time, remember don’t get greedy but always run last click!