Flaming dumpster

InanimateLog 441

Aesop paperclip alt art

Sell conspiracy breakers, preferably for six whole credits, then bring them back onto Flame-out for free with Sahasrararasputin.

The original version of this deck ran 3 Reclaim because I didn't realise Flame-Out was unique. I'm sure this deck would work better in another ID but you get more street cred for playing Exile.

20 Jun 2018 Skeletons

Great alt art :D

Do you often fill up on MU? Just wondering if Data Folding might be better than Daily Casts here.

20 Jun 2018 InanimateLog

I'll always have 2 Saharadesert installed and with Aesop I can guarantee two breakers are installed. So the late game rig doesn't use all the MU and you can probably manage MU well pre-Maya to semi-consistently fire Data Folding.

So Data Folding would serve the same purpose as Wasteland, which begs the question; double down on drip (-3 Dirty Laundry) or ditch Wasteland to spend influence on Cache, Harbinger and other Aesop's targets?

It's the classic tempo vs. value dilemma and I don't know which this deck wants more of, but in either case Data Folding likely goes in!

20 Jun 2018 Skeletons

I hadn't considered dropping Dirty Laundry but that could also work. I picked on Daily Casts mainly as they only stick around a few turns and you have no Levy or similar to get double duty from them.

Wasteland should stay, for sure!

20 Jun 2018 Cpt_nice

Finally, a chance for Exile to shine! Somewhat

20 Jun 2018 convoke

Can you explain to an idiot like me exactly how this works ideally?

Install 2x Sahrhrhrhr and 1x Flame out > run > encounter barrier > install paperclip from heap for free onto Flame out using credits from Shrhrhrhr > break for free using Flame out credits > trash paperclip at EOT to due to Flame Out...

How does Aesop factor in? Or, do you only use Flame Out in a pinch?

20 Jun 2018 InanimateLog

It's an either-or thing. Chances are a server's protected by different types of ice so you could sell Paperclip and put Black Orchestra on Flame-Out, for example. Or you could just sell a used Flame-Out.

21 Jun 2018 Sedatedfork

I have been doing something similar since KA came out. Honestly, the most fun I have had playing shaper in a long time. I will post my list too. I have a lot more programs. I will be interested to try out your build.

21 Jun 2018 Johnny Polite

I've also been using the Aesop and bin breakers engine in Professor, it's been fun. Looks like you just concede against Skorp, though.