netdeckshop (cleveland regional 1st)

bblum 4230

basically the same as

i was gonna put a 2nd stimhack and play 46 cards (as is my tradition) but i couldn't find my 3rd liberated so i just did it this way and it was cool too. whatever you do don't play fewer than 2 stimhack. maybe even 3 tbh, it's not like hand size is good for anything in this meta. i'm not sure about the pad taps i think drive by would pull more weight; the rest of the deck is no complaint city though.

i blew up an ipo with freedom's ability one time and a fairchild 3 another time. it's pretty nuts

between this and CV val i don't really know which deck is better but i think this probably should be playing a few CV at least itself.

25 Jun 2018 stoppableforce

I wanted that IPO, you jerk.

26 Jun 2018 bblum

got em