Space Pun - US Nats top 16

Saan 3078

Because Gagarin decks should have a space pun in the name, I just jumped right to the point.

This is the deck I took to the top 16 of US nationals. It's a slight rebuild of the deck I won an SC with in Italy, and it's a complete toss up on which I like more. I think Scarcity would have been a better call this tournament, but I also really like having real murder in my Weyland decks. As for my runner, I took, card for card, Bendy MaxX. It was great to me, and just provides piles and piles of cash.

Anyhow, since the majority of the "how to play" section of this deck already exists on the previously posted version, I'll just cover the changes and some fun moments in the tournament.

I decided I LOVE Team Sponsorship, so I went up to 3 of those. Putting annoying shit back out onto the field (or just chaining agendas) is the bread and butter of the deck here, so I want to see as many of these as I can. I also decided I wanted a second Archer, because this completely wrecks Anarch economy to run through even once, if they even can at all. It almost always goes in my remote somewhere, and it's always a good time.

I swapped an Ash for a second HHN, because I wanted the threat of it to be live earlier in the game. I'm also running 1x BOOM! and 1x HPT, and that's because BOOM! can be trashed and takes 2 clicks, while HPT can't, and only takes 1. I just like having options.

Most fun moments of the tournament were based around Corp Town just wrecking people. I had a 419 player on Turning Wheel and Doppelganger who was just farming hella counters in R&D, and later when I threw a Tour Guide on it, from just bouncing off the Guide. I'd scored an early Standoff, so I threw a Future is Now behind an Archer topped with a Tour Guide. He Inside Jobs the server and faceplants into the Archer (no programs, but also no entry), so I get to find Corp Town with the TFIN. Next turn I throw it behind a Hortum, and rez it the following turn, killing his 8 counter Turning Wheel, and his 6-credit-left Daily Casts the turn after that. He eventually found a way into the server to kill the Corp Town, but I finished scoring out a couple turns afterwords as he struggled to rebuild his economy.

A hilarious moment that went the OTHER way happened in my game vs Timmy. Timmy was on a sick Smoke deck he'd built. I (super wrongly) kept a hand with an agenda, two ICE, and I want to say a Team Sponsorship and a PAD Campaign. I really should have looked for a more aggressive opening, but whatever. I drew into another agenda, so I Iced HQ, Iced R&D, and installed my asset. Timmy plays Sure Gamble, puts down an SMC, plays Cold Read, using it to pay for SMC to find Paricia, which he then uses (as well as the remaining credits from Cold Read) to trash my asset, spending just 1 real credit to do so. Finally, he plays Astrolabe. What a fucking nightmare this has become. Moral of the story is I drew 3 more agendas after he already found a Global Food in R&D, and after whiffing on an Indexing, he figured there must be more in HQ. Spoilers: he was right. The game ended pretty fast at that point.

All in all though, it was a great couple of days. I never got to play Gagarin in the cut, which was a shame, as I think it was the favored matchup on both of the games my runner lost (PU is rough). @dodgepong did a fantastic job streaming the event (as he always does), and @pdxnetrunner did a phenomenal job at saving the tournament after round 1 when TOME decided to self destruct (after we already had to re-pair round 1 two separate times). All my opponents were wonderful, and congrats to @bluehg for winning the whole thing =)