Reina, Queen of Doof (1st place GNK)

osclate 632

Derived from Internet's "Doofus Reina" list

Went 3-0-1 to take first at a 13 person GNK. Beat Titan, Mti, and Argus, had a timed tie vs DtD Making News.

The deck is a lot of fun to play! I like to facecheck all their ice in the early game to try to keep them poor with expensive rezzes. Use Zer0 every turn, (though first put down Maxwell, Hippo, Shadow Net, or TTW if you have them). Use Hippo on HQ ice so that you can Doof and turn on Maxwell. Derez remote ice. Use Fan Site/Shadow net to doof or gain money (occasionally I've used it for Levy or Inject).

The Levy isn't needed in most matchups but is helpful against grindy damage decks or games that go on long. That's the main problem I've found with the deck: games can go on too long. Especially if you spend all your fan sites and have to start giving up real agendas to Shadow Net.

Would appreciate any feedback!

26 Jun 2018 CodeMarvelous

This looks scary 10/10 would avoid in swiss again!

27 Jun 2018 tonybluehose

You had me at Reina. And Credit Denial. And Hippo. I'm def. taking this to the next meet-up. Will report back later!