You call it Bad Pub, I call it Revenue

unholyhero 28

My take on The Outfit , the main thought I had with it is to play what you need to get moving. you take a bad pub and you laugh. Got Hortum in for AI hate and Archer because Archer. Ideally you will take a bad pub or 2 to make sure you can buy your ice, and place it out as you see fit. Scoring Broad Daylight is always a plus and a value 2 meat when you don't "need" that last click. With so many ways to stack the bad pub, it can get too easy for the runner, so you can use Expose to bait a run and remove the pub as needed.

29 Jun 2018 RepoRogue

Interesting list! It seems like there will be two ways to play The Outfit: with bad pub mitigation and without. Broad Daylight seems best in the later version of the deck, where it can serve as a sort of win condition (get two scored and the runner is in serious trouble until you run out of counters).

8 Jul 2018 Scoogsy

More barriers than any other ice. What a time to be alive!