SamRS Presents: SRS decks for SRS people: Infinity loops

itsbigfoot 2792

The combo: 2 ice on 1 server

8 mem (-up to 2 for dhegdeers)

system seizure

2 hyperdrivers installed

  1. install baba yaga (5/7 depending on smc)

  2. Install Faerie hosted on baba (0/2)

3-5. Install kyubans on the outermost ice in a double iced server (0)

6-7. Install egrets on the two outermost ice on that server (2/4 with wu triggers)

  1. Install surfer (1/4 depending on if you want to keep it)

  2. play system seizure (1)

  3. Run the server

9-18 credits in total + enough to match the str of the ice you're running, safest bet is 8 but 5-6 is probably enough. you now run the server, making 6 off kyuban, using surfer to loop the ice so that running through both nets you 2c, do this infinitely, you now have infinite credits. Next turn gets you a baba yaga rig and ways to win the game with your infinite future bux. DDos equivocation is there in case they never double ice but the influencce might be better spent on stimhacks. eschers are to remove problem ice like toolbooth and kakugo.

Is this deck good? probably not, but infinite dollars is infinite dollars and you can just win the game against some slower decks

10 Jul 2018 gilesdavis


10 Jul 2018 TugtetguT

Hmm if the corp doesn't rez the second piece of ice you cant surfer it, which means no infinte 's right?

10 Jul 2018 rex_monolith

Kyuban says gain 2c when you pass the ice, using surfer means you don't pass the ice you just move it and are still encountering it in its new position - or am I missing something ??

10 Jul 2018 mcbeast

@rex_monolith You pass the first ice, use Surfer to move back to the beginning of the server on that ice, pass it, use Surfer on the next ice to move it back to the beginning of the server, repeat infinitum.

It's very click intensive to get it working, also you somehow have to force the Corp to rez the ice before the combo to get out Egret and survive it. And what if it's two Data Raven in a row, or Kakugo? So many questions.

10 Jul 2018 rex_monolith

Thanks for the explanation !! Nothing is ever bulletproof in this game but this would be a great move if you could pull it off.

10 Jul 2018 Quarg

If it's double Data Raven, you just need two more clicks to Misdirection away your infinity tags with half of your infinity credits.

If it's Kakugo... then sorry, you've got a problem.

11 Jul 2018 munsonelliot

It's pronounced many moneys, not infinite dollars.

13 Jul 2018 serj

is this ruling relevant