brainstorm 332

This is a deck that I took to a small tournament in Portugal. I won all games with it, versus Argus, Mti and Palana.

The basic idea is to make just 2 meaningful runs. You play Insight, Freedom and Mad dash and get the agenda with Top Hat. Comet helps you do it with only 3 clicks leaving a click for something else :)

If your insight doesn't reveal any agendas you have 2-3 turns to money up with Opus.

If they leave R&D unprotected or really cheap to get in you can go and TopHat the next 4 cards on R&D and get agendas or money up for those turns :)

Opus also helps to camp remotes, if they go and IAA.

This is solid and may be worked for better as I made this 2 days ago and didn't had time to test it well. It can also work on Ayla, but I really love Chaos :)

16 Jul 2018 gammanet

this looks like the most boring thing ever. I love it. would consider swapping 1-2 IHQ for Legwork for when they violet level/rashida cards up and escape from the few insightful runs

18 Jul 2018 gammanet

update: this deck has been fun the few games I've gotten with it, I swapped in a shadow net engine cause whats better than 2 clicks for an insightful run? doing it in one by removing a fan site.

also this deck may work really well out of the current TBB/maverick engine. insight is far stronger than i expected. those have been jnet games later this week ill be testing vs my competent metamates

21 Jul 2018 brainstorm

Great. Just let me know how it performed :) Shadownet seems a great addition.

22 Jul 2018 deliveryman

I really want this deck to have both white and black hat in it....

I know this isn't a productive comment, but really COME ON!

22 Jul 2018 deliveryman

What about exclusive party, over build script and Deuces Wild?