[SOCR6] MaxX without heap breakers or levy

mbzrl 144

It uhhh didn't really work haha! I usually ran out of steam and cards despite very good starts. I think a long write-up isn't necessary here, I just want to tell people that Levy-less MaxX in an Obokata meta is exactly as bad as it sounds.

Nonetheless, Zer0 in MaxX is exactly as fun as it sounds, and I had lots of exciting matches in my run to 40th! I definitely recommend entering the next Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament as we're having a big cardpool change-up. That means you can experiment with building unique decks and coming up with new tactics in a meta with no known "best" strategy.

Thanks to all my opponents and @FightingWalloon for hosting!

18 Jul 2018 BlackCherries

Surprised you stuck to the deck minimum.

A true MaxX-ochist!

18 Jul 2018 mbzrl

Haha nice. I wanted to keep it slim so that I can get out my rig and then just cruise with no cards. But maybe beefing up and getting a bunch of extra breakers and just going with whatever rig comes out the other side will work better!