My Trusty Red Tree (Regional Bochum, 6th Swiss, 7th Cut)

ayyyliens 503

This deck is a copy of @TugtetguT excellent Thimble mimble, I swapped some ice around and added an preemtive action.

It went 3-2 in swiss and 0-2 in the cut only dropping games versus CV Val's. I will be dropping all archives recursion and slot excalibur again and drop the SSL for braintrusts. SSL getting turntabled feels bad. I still think MTI is over the curve and everyone not running e-strike has a miserable time.

R1: Versus Sunny (Win)

I openend with scarcity, he managed to dig for a interdiction on T2 only to have it scarcitied again. Quickly rushed out the game.

R2: Versus CV Val (Loss)

Back and forth game, we keep racing agendas (giving me a slight advantage as I am on the GFI plan). He manages to the find a nisei and turntables it for my SSL for the win. This loss was my fault as I forget thimbles ability to swap ICE. I could have swapped it for a DNA tracker and he would not be able to get in R&D again.

R3: Versus Ryanbantwins' CV Val (Loss)

He got a good start but lost all of this e-strikes early (Zer0 responsibly kids!), I tried to rush a nisei but he was smart enough to CV my hand so I couldn't use MTI's ability. Some random accesses on centrals followed and he won the game.

R4: Versus Alice (Win)

A gang sign Alice! Once again early scarcity bought me time, not as a current but as fodder to dump in archives when Alice triggers. Baited a NGO remote run and he was unlucky on centrals. Managed to score out quickly.

R5: Versus Apocalypse Steve (Win)

The way we were joking around before the game it was really obvious he was on an apocalypse plan. My opening ice consisted out of cortex locks and he filled up his MU quickly. I used the cortex locks as MTI bait and he jack out several times buying me time. I score an early Nisei but have to concede the token to a well timed information sifting (I had multiple GFI's on hand). I tried sneaking out the philotic but he doesn't buy it and steals it. I install advance a NGO front. He then proceeded with his plan and apocalypsed (my dumb ass didn't rez the NGO front first). My rashida draws me into a lot of cheap gear check ICE. I start rushing out the GFI's and close out the game.

Cut 1: Versus CV Val (Loss)

Got all his breakers on turn 2, had a total of 5 accesses and saw 4 agendas. These games happen but hey at least there is a good chance we will be running in the loser's bracket!

Cut 2: Versus JackMade's CV Val (Loss)

Lost the roll, had to corp versus Val again. He snatches a Nisei from my remote with stimhack at the cost of going tag-me. I completely forgot he was floating tags and I should have trashed his ice carver and last CV. The untrashed CV hits a SSL wich brings him to 7 points.