Lobstercoats - 1st and undefeated at Turin regionals

Saan 3064

This is pretty clearly almost the same Argus build that has been going around since Kenny played it,, so lemme explain my couple tweaks.

First, there's not much Turntable around any more, so I threw Standoff back in and raised the Archer back up to 3. This was a great call, because almost all my games came down to a killer Archer hit, or just Archer being insanely taxing to the Anarch breaker suite in general.

I took that floating 2 influence that some have used on Archived Memories, some have used on Reversed Accounts, and I threw them at Exchange of Information, because it's a lot of fun giving someone a Standoff or a Hostile and taking their Global Food Initiative. This gives you a great HHN play when you know they can clear down to 1 tag (other than crippling their econ, which is always good).

I liked Too Big to Fail a LOT, so I have 2 of them in. I use them carefully, since too much Bad Pub is a great way to lose a game you're winning. Mainly, they're there to spring back up in econ, or bluff that you're poor, and surely don't have enough money to HHN the runner.

Strangely, on the day in question, I killed exactly one person (in a game for fun when we ID'd 4th round) with this deck. Everyone was very careful to play around HHN, even with multiple Econ Warfares, and on the times they didn't and I did get off an HHN, I was never able to find the kill. I think now that this deck only has 5 real transactions that you'd want to use Bryan with, he can probably be removed from the deck and either a 3rd HPT or a BOOM! can be slotted in (I'd go for the BOOM! for variety).

Anyhow, the deck won 2 games in swiss (I had a bye and ID'd round 4), 2 games that we played when we ID'd (once against his tournament list and another against a 419 apocc list for fun), and a final game in the cut. It won vs Pirate Geist, Clanarch Val, Sunny, Appoc 419, and then Sunny again. Of those games, I'd say Pirate Geist was the closest, and was fairly stressful. The rest of them never felt that bad (although it was sad when Clan V killed my Audacity).

Argus is the real shit, yo. I came into this game playing Weyland and Shaper, so I'm super happy to go out on my last official regional while playing the same.

22 Jul 2018 koga

You're damn right about that Geist game being close, I guess early Archers win games :P Had so much fun, 10/10 would play again

Congrats again for the 1st place!

22 Jul 2018 Frogblast

I have a very very similar build with archived memory instead of two Ravens and never got to fire the EOI. Did it work for you?

23 Jul 2018 Saan

Nah, I never got to fire the EoI, but it did let me set up some forked plays with Food, allowing me to advance it in an unsafe remote, knowing that I'd be able to exchange for it if they stole it. Each time that happened, though, they just let me have the Food! I still like it, and did use it in several practice games, although it does double down on the "I have to be about to tag them," strat, which isn't always viable.