The Loutfit (5-1 NYC Regional WINNAH)

SimonMoon 2323

Why is it called the The Loutfit? The L stands for Lobster and only a Strapping Ruffian would play it.

Increasingly strained and bad jokes aside this is basically another slightly updated version of Lobster Modernism ( Same basic principles, leverage low econ scaling of Econ Warfare / HHN to have a strong early game that you turn into points and an Atlas Counter, score aggressively, give up accesses on central and use your early Ice primarily on the remote.

Why the Outfit? Surveyer made Archer less necessary for your late game as well as Turntable prevalence giving Standoff a big downside. So you're down to 10 agendas which means Argus is triggering 4 times MAX in the game, worse with strike and often only 3 times. Meaning you're taxing the runner 8 clicks at best and often worse vs. I've Had Worse / CV. TBTF was introduced which is pretty busted in this kinda deck (HHN from a Neutral Board State goes from pretty good trade for the Corp to massively ahead). So you're playing HT + TBTF and usually getting 3-4 BP a game which is gain 9-12 and is frontloaded (money early better than money late in the game) and so its just a way better value.

Other notes are Snares are from Josh and are okay and I put them in and they did stuff sometimes in testing and I never felt like cutting them. I won a game where I was in pretty bad shape and won off DDM into 2x Snare so that was good. Bulwark does some good stuff but 3x was too many but Tolaasin stole my 3rd Vanilla. Illegal Arms gets pretty reasonable in the outfit, I was running 3x but 2x + 1x Fast Track is better.

I didn't play Rashida / NGO because I think with TBFT they've gotten less relevant to how you're winning which is mainly increasing your ability to win the money war for HHN longer w/ TBTF. Also lets you leave Centrals open way easier. Rashida has also felt pretty iffy because its best early but I've watched people play it on stream and since you get so many cards it usually involves taking 2-3 turns to do stuff with it (stick it in remote, draw 3 install 3, then try to score) and you're way better off just scoring an Atlas with counters in that same window.

Anyway its a fine deck and is probably down on the best people on the best Val lists but so is most stuff and it can win.

23 Jul 2018 Crunchums

Why 2x HPT (vs. 3x) and 2x Preemptive (in a rush deck)?

23 Jul 2018 neuropantser

god dammit kenny stop making me have to respect snare

23 Jul 2018 Ulkrond

Good work.

24 Jul 2018 spags

I would not say it is rage.

I would call it ‘pleasah’.

24 Jul 2018 Tolaasin

Wait, didn't I bring your Vanilla back?

24 Jul 2018 MrBuggles

First of all, very happy that a top player found a good Outfit deck - I had the feeling the Argus ability wasn’t doing enough, but I’m not a good enough deck builder to come up with a tuned deck like this one.

Couple of questions - did you always install arms factory unprotected, or would you ever put it in the remote? My gut instinct is that a 9-credit swing if they trash it means it’s fine leaving it unprotected, but having it running while you’re advancing agendas over two turns could be annoying.

Second - did you at all miss having something you could advance in the remote that wasn’t an agenda? Or was the money disparity+HHN threat enough to not need bluffs if the remote is taxing enough?