Dollar Tree (Cache Refresh - 4-1 in SOCR6)

DrApathy 66

Mti Mwekundu is real, real good, and in a format where few Runners have access to Employee Strike, it's even better.

This deck doesn't do fancy things, it just gets big money, rezzes big ICE, and tries to IAA on every turn if possible. NeoTokyo Grid and Pad Campaign together let you IAA every turn, and if a runner trashes a Pad Campaign, it's as good as an Economic Warfare.

I threw in a few weird cards, and I don't regret a single one:

  • Gene Splicer won games. It's a great defensive one-point agenda that runners can't steal, and it kills desperate Runners. I should have run 3 of them, and it was my most frequent Genotyping target.
  • Fractal Threat Matrix is really good in a deck that runs Obokata Protocol and taxes cards. Together with Anansi it just hurts. With Bio Vault, it assures that the runner will have to lose eight to twelve cards to steal an Agenda, and even more if it's an Obokata.
  • Flare hit like a truck, and made it hard for runners to slam R&D repeatedly to try to win on centrals.
  • Thithonium trashed a few programs and opened up scoring windows. It just feels good to sacrifice a Gene Splicer to trash a program or two and a resource.
  • Inazuma was only good because it soaked up Kit's ability triggers. Because this ID can install inside of it, you never lose that positional benefit. If there wasn't so much Kit in the tournament, I probably would have used that slot for something else.