Trashman (Cache Refresh - 2-3 in SOCR6)

DrApathy 66

Slow and unsteady loses the race.

I thought Atmansucker in a Freedom shell had a chance at being good. When this deck worked, it worked well. Sadly for me, I couldn't get my hands on enough draw or enough money to make it work most of the time. Force of Nature and Atman(4) are both way too expensive even when I could find them.

Maxwell James and Clan Vengeance are both way too good, and made up for my terrible breaker suite two out of five times. Trypano was good to keep the Corp purging and let me pick up a bit of tempo while I was clicking for cards and credits. Dyson Mem Chip was surprisingly not bad, and helped me support a big rig while I was desperately trying to find Knobkiere and the 5 credits I needed to install it.

I'm glad I tried this as an experiment, but I won't play it again, and I wouldn't recommend it.