Bombs Over PAD Tap! (2nd CHCH Regionals 4-0)

EthosNZ 243

Don't pull the agenda out, unless you plan to score, Bombs over PAD Tap!

Had no idea what to play for the regionals had the idea for a Leela deck that used Logic bombs to pop off high value run events (CAUSE YOU CANT INSIDE JOB INTO LEGWORK/MAKERS EYE FOR SOME REASON!) and utilize Leelas ability to make said events even more impactfull on the board state. Built the deck the night before regionals and boy is it fun I have definitely found my new project deck.

It for sure needs some work but I feel like the general idea is pretty sound, weakest match-up is definitely red kill. Rush match-up is decent cause you're blue and glacier is just about stalling the corp as hard as possible by threatening remote accesses with Logic Bomb and copious amounts of cash.


Round 1:
Leela vs Brewery Piloted by Matt
Timed AP win, just couldn't find the last agenda, got to six points thanks to Falsified Creds

Round 2:
Leela vs Palana Piloted by Chris
AP win, Got the PAD Taps out early along with Earthrise Hotel is pretty nuts against Palana

Round 3:
Leela vs Skorp Piloted by Gareth
AP win, Blue has a pretty good match up v skorp IMO the logic bombs help a lot if you can get a agenda without installing a breaker that's just another missed HS opportunity

Round 4:
ID'd with Dave so no game.

Single Elim

Round 1:
Leela vs Skorp Piloted by Dave
AP win, Similar to above game was super tight though Dave got to 5 points with a audacity in hand so i had to keep the r&d lock solid but at that point I was pretty set up in the end it came down to using SOT special order for a mongoose to get the winning access.

Potential Changes

Not sure how I feel about Miss Bones, also considering cutting the Stimhack for a Sac-Con
Pretty happy with the breaker suite though a second Aumakua would be nice.
Keen to find room for a second Sneakdoor Beta too.
E-Shutdown didn't really do much might cut it.

Definitely going to keep refining this list.

30 Jul 2018 Shiiuga

Don't pull the thang out unless you plan to bang