I Want to Break Freedom (Somehow 4th Stockport Regionals)

lordofthetoasters 310

They may purge your virus counters, but they'll never purge your FREEDOM!

31 Jul 2018 Sutlomatsch

Do the Exers work with all the other Viruses? I tend to think "trash on purge" Viruses don't work with Counter-Viruses.

4 Aug 2018 Tolaasin

How on earth did you manage memory in this deck!

7 Aug 2018 lordofthetoasters

@Tolaasin Progenitor is your friend :)

@Sutlomatsch They're kind of a holdover from when i was playing clone chip and saccon, but they're mainly there to force the corp to take a turn off to purge

11 Aug 2020 Dezzydoll

Acacia would help make any corp think twice about purging virus counters, especially if you've gotten the breeding grounds out early game.