Ornithology Los

North 138

Los + Bird Breakers, London Library to help mitigate some install costs (idea being that the bird installed on it bounces before it gets trashed, used when running at known ice). Alternatively you lose a copy of the breaker because the Corp doesn't want to rez. But hey, then you turned a breaker into a bypass. And there's still opportunity to click to get it back.

Trope is there as a little recursion for the above scenario. Datasucker to help them birds. Would be tempted to try Mining Accidents instead of these for the bad pub, and just try to be more sensible with Library.

Fan Site/Shadow net is mainly there because I just want to try it. And spamming Diversion of Funds/Forged Activation Orders/Legwork (and Mining Accident if included) probably isn't a terrible thing. Or even just Sure Gamble.

Will update after testing.

30 Jul 2018 Malchoix

I have no idea if this works, but it seems cool. I'll give it a spin.

31 Jul 2018 North

@Malchoix I have no idea either! Haha. Let me know how it goes. Not expecting it to be amazing, but perhaps fun at least.