Tactical Dean's - 1st @ Stockport Regional

BeNNyBiLL 661

This is Geist deck I used to win the Stockport Regionals at Element Games.

I say win with a touch of salt here as Geist did lose half of his games and basically got carried by my ACME deck. I made the deck a few days before the event and played zero test games with it. There are a lot of changes I would make but in short it was a really tough field for Geist with most players doing some kind of rush Weyland with kill threat. For most games, getting the econ running is far too slow. By that point the Corp probably has 5 points and is looking to Audacity out the last agenda. You just have to hope those tech traders show up sooner rather than later.

Pro tip: If a criminal Falsifies your NGO, res and take the credits immediately. Drive By could well be imminent.

Top Cut Round 2 vs Nemo on Argus
Cerdit to @tolaasin for the stream.