J-Flex 133

PU deck I took to Swansea and Stockport regionals. Swansea version had Cerebral Cast instead of Voter Intimidation but Voter is definitely the better card. Pretty standard grindy no-remote stuff here. Score a House of Knives when they don't run and slowly grind their deck away. Hopefully you can lockdown key breakers or a Levy. Spicy card is the Punitive Counterstrike where if the runner steals Obokata, they take the hit to the hand but if it doesn't kill them they're usually ok to end their turn with a few cards in hand. Play the punitive and ideally archived memories it back to do it again. CV ruins this play and has a knack of chucking away useful cards like Snare! and Enforced Curfew (which should only be played in response to Employee Strike).

An interesting deck to play but not a good tournament choice. A lot of rounds went to time and you have no other win con than the flatline