TagMe Grandma 1st@Warsaw Regionals

Inermis 699

This is my home brew TagMe Grandma that I bring to my local meta. It surprisingly was quite good, so I decided to play with it more. It's seems other people also put Obleus/CS into it to close games. I am moving into direction of ditching Paperclip for 3th Obleus or CS.

ps. You lose 4 out of 5 games to High Profile Target decks. So choose your meta.

7 Aug 2018 Krasty

Is Corporate "Grant" really usefull here? Looks like not so much install here...

8 Aug 2018 Inermis

It's ok-ish, you usually install once-per-turn actually. ES would be best if you free Influence, but I would prefer to put another one CS/Obelus. It's still synergize pretty well with other cards - DoF, ES, Amina.