Don't Touch Me, I'm Famous - 1st at Sheffield Regional

NtscapeNavigator 905

Don't touch me I'm famous

This is the deck I piloted to 1st place at Sheffield Regional, sweeping the first 2 rounds vs Azmari and Skrop, the Iding into the cut, in the cut it beat another skorp by dumping 7 points into the bin off CV (BAN CV!!!), and a mushin meme PU deck. It finally took the final down vs the outfit in a nailbitingly close game.

Card Choices

This deck is pretty standard now I guess, so I'll just go through some of the tech choices

Divide and Conquer - This was in before the recent nerf to the interaction with TTW, but the news came a little to late to test a different card in the slot, it's usefullness is obviously dulled, and I think I used it once to built your own makers eye when checking archives, it should go out for something else like ret run now the interaction isn't as good.

Dj Fenris - In testing: DJ Steve gave the deck crazy longevity, getting value off HQ pokes. In the event: didn't cast the card once, should have been Maxwell

No Maxwell - Yeah, I went for fenris instead, probably a mistake

No Mining Accident - Yeah, I took them out after noticing they were being pitched in testing, didn't miss them all day, much preferred the 3rd copy of Libby and Ice carver they became.

Falsified - Econ card that can stop you running a taxing server into an NGO, or scouting for drops against that 1 meme deck you'll come across. Never felt dead, never regretting drawing it.

Mad Dash - I hear this cards good? One day Ill remember to use it after exposing a beale in a server I can get to. ¬.¬

Rebirth - The best anarch utility card in the game, super sneakdoor, barrier breaker, operation trasher or just meme it up by rebirthing into MaxX.

All in all I felt the deck was very strong anyway and the CV/Zero package accelerates it into stupid places (Ban CV!!).

I'd like to thank all my opponents for some amazing games, and hope to see everyone in a CV free meta at nationals (a girl can dream) <3