Patrick told me to put "Shop" in the title -1st at Sheffield

NtscapeNavigator 905

The deck name is an injoke as Patrick Gower aka Rotomappliance likes putting "shop" in his decklist names, and keep telling me; "all the best decks have shop in their name."

This is the corp deck I took to 1st place at sheffield, winning the first 2 games vs Kit and Maxx then in the cut beating a more different Maxx, then losing to that Maxx again to pop my shield (the only game I lost all day)

The game I lost I mulled into a four agenda hand, and 3 cvs came down lightning fast always seemed to have 6+ counters on them, (BAN CV), but that was my only loss all game.

Despite this I was still able to push out a Niesi naked with no ice in hand, a testement to the power of the ID I feel.

Game 2 and Winner final cut game I blanked Maxx with static which felt pretty good.

The deck wants to play the money and glacier game, but with a twist, you don't usually install ice in your turn letting your ID drop bear most of it in, this turns some situational ice into really nice hand traps. Sandstorm and Excal coming under a server being the main ones, or cortex lock/anasi/dna tracker also securing kills from happy-go-lucky runners.

But Akira, I hear you scream, doesn't Employee strike mess that up?

Yes, yes it does, but you have 4 currents to clear strike, and if you suspect strike you should install a token ice on the remote at least before pushing something.

Card Choices

Thimblerig Oh man this card is amazing, 3 to break for orc, and usually as good as enigma vs everything that's not turtle. Lets you put Excal or nasty ice on centrals then swap it back to your remote when you're planning on pushing out. I also once made someone ride a thimblerig down a 3 stacked server when they're only breaker was Brahman, for them to hit ngo front.

Sandstorm and Excal Mti drops these can just ruin plans, SS effectively ends the run, and ends the fun on cards like hot pursuit or indexing as a bonus, Excal and a token/batty/dome is just obnoxious way to score out.

Cerebral Static Probably my most interesting choice. It's main reason is a 4th current to keep news hound strong and strike weak. But it does work against a lot of runners. Val needs to clear it else rebirth is a dead card. It blanks Omar's sneakdoor, cripples Giest early game, slows down MaxX, slows down Liza, slows down smoke. My best achievement is blanking Adam to clear strike. xD. I've not regretting this card, also people never expect it.

NPH Ah Stinson, he was originally a 2nd gift but in the CV meta your hand doesn't stay big long enough for gifts to be relevant. And the servers this deck can make are taxing as fuck, meaning them being in his range isn't that hard. If he fires even once it's game changing. Never regretting seeing him, even if they were rich, people don't expect him and it's easy to bluff him as Marcus or similar.

Only 2 Surveyor was because I was expecting a lot of anarch with a lot of D4s and D4 blanks this ice, they can tank the tags if they're smart too as the deck has no real way of punishing them bar trashing resources, so I opted for 2 news hound (4 str ETR for 4 is good) over 1 Hound 3 Surveyor.

Overall I felt this deck was very strong, and the fear of the ability and ability to drop a DNA tracker from hand can just scare runners off running. Thimblerigs ability firing at the start of turn as well as on passing means you can drop ice on dumb servers cause you can correct the positioning over a couple of turns of swapping.