Titanium Maxx

mcg 766

You've seen this before, though I swapped two Fisks for an Apocalypse and an Aumakua. The one Apoc I landed got me HHN and Boom'd, so maybe that was a mistake.

5 Aug 2018 NtscapeNavigator

How did I miss the "From any location" clause on D99? That card is made for MaxX.

6 Aug 2018 mcg

D99 is awesome for Maxx, but the question is when you can afford to install it. I found I never did unless I'd already got Patchwork down first. And now I'm already 50% through my deck.

For Sheffield I made it more focussed on running, -1 Apocalypse, -2 Patchwork, District. +1 Aumakua, Maxwell, Hunting Grounds, +2 Turntable. I'm not sure it was any better.