Ice cold metal

HiddenAway 830

Sheffield Regionals 2018

Do you like consistently good decks? Want a deck that gives you free wins without stress? Well I can tell you that this... not that deck!

While the scoreline (3 wins, 1 loss) might tell you differently, this deck can really stress you out. At times , both me and my opponent would be on match point and I'm the one panicking because I know where the agendas are!

Anyway, enough about that. The basic premise is to rush out, with Jinja and Sportsmetal giving you the insurance if you end up going late game. A vanilla protecting the remote to start is good for starting the Jinja remote train. Arella helps you chain agendas or just gets you a free Rashida/ICE install (NGO Front works too if money is a problem). From a single score, you save a single click next turn. Enough to score a Vitruvius and start the ball rolling on a GFI score the following turn!

Of course, that only works if you find the agendas in the right order, which NEVER happens in real life.

For Sports triggers, you almost always want cards (for Jinja triggers and/or Arella agenda chains). However, you could run out of credits fast so never be afraid to take credits. Surveyor is there because it works so well with Jinja as is Seidr Adaptive Barrier.

Domestic Sleepers is there for extra triggers and an emergency point. On 1 occasion it became an accidental bluff when it was the only card I wanted to trigger with Arella. My opponent Stimhacked the 5 ICE remote fearing the match point and being set back massively, allowing me to score out the old fashioned way.

Biotic Labor is a flexible card for most occasions, and can help you score out that final Vitruvius from hand or chain the final agendas. If you want to change this deck, consider a 3rd Vitruvius to help you seal the game quicker (4/2's become harder to score late on, even with Arella). With so much draw you can swap a UVC for an IPO too.

This deck beat Leela, Jesminder and Smoke, losing to Circus Hayley.

Final position: 10th (5-3 total)

5 Aug 2018 NtscapeNavigator

Was glad to see a sports deck place high yesterday. Was nice meeting you too even if we only exchanged a few words :)

5 Aug 2018 HiddenAway

Thanks for the comment, and congratulations on your win! I just go with whatever I've been playing the past few weeks and was happy with my placing and being top HB :)