Patchy Val

HiddenAway 830

Having never played Valencia in a tournament before and having a terrible record as runner in pretty much all tournaments I play in, I felt it was time to finally have a go. That said, I really didn't like the Zer0 and CV combo so I went left field and played NEITHER of them!

The deck looks like your average Valencia deck but I decided to use Patchwork as a way to get up to speed faster. The only issue with this deck is that there's usually so much you want that at times you can throw away useful cards. I think that's just my own inexperience telling. You don't have to patchwork every time!

Aumakua is in here because Ben Ni's Successful Demo alerted me to the Thimblerig play of rolling it down the remote for a constant 3 credit tax all the way down. Of course, teching for this eventuality, I didn't see a single Thimblerig. Aumakua did save me in the Skorpios matchup though. Maxwell James is there to help with the Surveyor problem (with the errata though, very likely to be swapped out).

The deck went 2-2 at Sheffield Regionals, losing to CtM (don't run into a double Mumbad Virtual Tour folks) and Azmari (just too quick). The deck did beat Titan (which couldn't get going) and Skorpios (which included the plays of sacrificing all my Injects to Patchwork and holding a Paperclip in hand until an attempted agenda score).

Final position: 10th (5-3 total)