I have built worse decks, but not recently.

Sanjay 3080

Lessons learned from this deck:

  • Consume is pretty good.
  • Reboot is pretty good.
  • Even with Prey, Scrubbed is, sadly, probably not worth two influence

All this said, if someone else has a good Prey deck I would love to see it, because I really enjoy that card.

8 Aug 2018 ntahfs

I don't have a Prey deck, but I have the name for one!

Eat, Prey, Love.

Throw in an Eater/Endless Hunger for bonus points. Actually, Eater might combo with Prey reasonably well. Kind of like the cutlery events.

13 Aug 2018 Sanjay

Good thoughts, @ntahfs

Definitely need Eater for an Eat Prey Love deck, and the deck needs to be good enough for me to love it instead of hating it at the minimum to justify the deck title.