Skorp Snare! 1.8 Top 64 @ GenCon

jase2224 320

Zer0 and CV was the meta going into GenCon and the many versions of this list carried me through the past/last SC season as well as making the cut the CO regional.

Nothing new here except jam agendas and cry when you see Maxwell James as it really makes things difficult.

Overall, I went 50/50 for the day.

Round 1 was a sweep by Val/CTM Round 2 corp split against Blue/Chaos Theory Round 3 runner slit against Skorpios/Val Round 4 sweep Titan/Bios Round 5 corp split against Mti/Val Round 6 corp split against The Outfit/Adam Round 7 corp split against PU/MaxX

I have a feeling I could've done better had I brought clanarch like most other runners on the day, but since this was my last official FFG OP A:NR event, I wanted to bring a runner I love. I also enjoy playing Skorpios and if the rumored final MWL is true, then I'm happy to end this game where I did at GenCon as it was the best I've placed in any premier tournament. My SoS was horrible, so I didn't get the cut for top 32. However, those of us that actually stuck it out for 7 rounds got top 64!

Sunday was a FFG draft where I went continued my splits for the weekend. However, it was a fun time as I was flatlined by a double Shinobi server in one game :)

Thanks to everyone in the community for so many great games over the years, and remember, run last click. Finally, I joined some friends a bit ago to record our thoughts on netrunner, so feel free to check out this podcast recording: