The Circus goes to Den Haag (4th place)

ayyyliens 503

This deck went 2-2 in swiss (4th place, cut was top 3 so I missed out on that), Made some room for 2 interdictions, everything else stayed the same. While I didn't face any turn 1 scarcities interdiction did clear some during the midgame so I could keep up my tempo. I think I could have won all the runner games if I played a little better, thankfully my opponents gave me a lot of useful feedback that I will use in my upcoming Nats games!

For people who are unfamiliar: this deck is based on TugtetguT's Circus Haley deck found here. It's an Aesops deck with good matchups across the board.

Round 1 (WIN) versus "Ross NG" on Gagarin

He told me he hadn't played netrunner in a while and got a gagarin deck of the net. Since Brian decided to post his latest space jail techonology on NRDB last week I procceeded with caution. Turned out it was a scoring gagarin with urban renewal! He snuck out an atlas, an armed intimidation and even fired an urban renewal before I managed to collect the breakers I needed. Thankfully using my paricia's and an astrolabe I managed to keep his credit total below 4< most of the time while gaining tempo. Various runs on the remote and HQ put me on 6 points. Femme'd an archer and hammered R&D (trashing 4 things) until the last GFI I needed showed up.

Round 2 (LOSS) versus Ryanbantwins on Brain rewiring CI

I fully knew what he was playing. Got some saccons on the field, got my SMC's out ready to clot. Snatched a show of force from R&D with indexing. Then for some reason I decided to use the SMC to get another breaker. With the clot threat gone, he just combo'd out. Felt really stupid after this one.

Round 3 (WIN) versus Sjoerd on Tennin

Because my previous game ended quickly, I spectated the game next to me. It was the Tennin deck I was going to face, it looked like a straight forward fast advance deck, icing only centrals and using trick of light/shipment from tennin to advance all the low requirement Jinteki agendas. Turns out it contained a lot of traps! Faceplanted a junebug, lost some unimportant cards. I made sure that my handsize was above 4 all the time before running again. He FA's a medical breaktrough, I snatch a braintrust from the remote. He then procceed's to attempt to FA another medical breaktrough. I forfeited my braintrust so I could use artist colony to install clot and stole the agenda from the remote. He decided to not contest the clot/saccons and the game slowed down for a few turns. He uses mushin but I indexed R&D instead (only protected by icewall) for the winning obokata.

Round 4 (LOSS) versus Marciano on MTI

He starts with the usual install, advance, no ice MTI play. Ran it and he rezzed the NGO front. He continues money'ing up until he made a 1 ice remote server with a double advanced card. I compile the server, he reveals a kakugo. I had 4 cards on hand and I expected it to be a obokata so I got an SMC with compile and got dhegdheer on the field and bounced of the kakugo. He then scored the SSL. I think I should have pushed here and check the remote. Because I only drew econ he quickly jams and scores a Nisei I couldn't contest. I manage to snatch 2 agendas (1 from remote, 1 from HQ, burning the Nisei token) giving me 5 points, had to float some surveyor tags but he didn't have the credits to trash anything. The game slows down, he plays 2 celebrity gifts revealing he has no agendas at all. I start hammering R&D (Anansi, mlinzi and that weird codegate that lets you resolve subroutines on different ice) draining me of all my credits and finding nothing. He then scores the final nisei from the remote (3 surveyors, 2 kakugo's). He kindly pointed out that I could have used d4v1d to break the surveyors ETR and take the tags. This would have won me the game. This was the most fun game of the day, a lot of back & forth, brahmanned d4v1d maybe 4-5 times? Made some mistakes (throwing away my dedicated proc, not properly using my d4v1d, ...). My opponent helped me calculate the cheapest possible way to get into his servers! Such a nice and memorable gesture.

I had a great time in Den Haag (also my best performance so far), met a lot of friendly people. They offered me drinks and I got a full art data raven from Marciano! I am looking forward to come back for the dutch nationals in october.