Meatball Sandwich (The Hague regionals winner)

Wet Toastie 907

This CI deck is the one I have been playing for some weeks now, winning one regionals and finishing second in another, going 10-1 in total. I played it together with a standard Valencia list which also dropped one game over the two tournaments.

alt text

With all the new hotness in the form of Recoco CI, I think this deck stayed under the radar long. I basicly took some older Rewiring lists and changed GFI to Ikawah's as a start. Later on I found that Calibration Testing is a nice card to enable faster combo's. Ofcourse the icesuite had to be changed aswell, Najja 1.0 has just enough stopping power for the deck, together with Gatekeeper they really make the deck shine.

You have multiple ways of comboíng out. One of the more common ways is Biotic/Jeeves already on the table. Shipment from MirrorMorph for Brain Rewiring, Calibration Testing and Contract Killer. Then double Kaguya/Audacity to win. If they have Clot you can put down CVS instead of calibration testing, you need one extra biotic then. If they run annoying resources that prevent damage you can put down Malia instead to blank those.

I think the deck is still very strong, some changes I'll be testing will be : -1 Rototurret +1 Architect, -1 Audacity -1 Green level Clearance+1 Calibration Testing and +1 Special Report.

At the Enschede regionals I went undefeated in Swiss, making 1st place. In the finals I was just short of winning, thanks to some great Khumalo play by one angry Canadian. I made some changes to the ice suite (still not sure about Rototurret) and went undefeated in The Hague again, which was a smaller regional with only 15 players. In the finals I had to play against Ryanbantwins who surprisingly was on Brain Rewiring CI aswell, he chose to run with Val though and I managed to survive the hammering with Turning Wheel long enough to combo out.

These regionals where a blast to attend, the Dutch community is great. Thanks to Cpt Nice and Jakuza for TO'ing!

13 Aug 2018 Cluster Fox

Why did I not get to play against this? The deck I brought to The Hague has virtually no way of losing against Brain Rewiring CI and what do I end up against? Things like random Mushin PE decks, why not. /sigh
All silliness aside, very well done. Congrats!

14 Aug 2018 Jakuza

Awesome deck. New replacement and tech slots make it hard to face*.

*Unless you're an angry Canadian.

14 Aug 2018 Wet Toastie

@Cluster Fox I'm glad I was lucky enough to dodge you and your Respirocytes! Those really counter this deck hard.

@Jakuza I have always had a weak spot for a certain Canadian, he deserved that win!

16 Aug 2018 ogrillion

Said Angry Canadian here. 'Grats again on your win in the Hague!