TrapHouseCode : FrAcTaLtHrEaTmAtRiX remix

grimgravyboat 249

New MWL got you down? Sad because you can't upset Runners with your Potential Unleashed/Obokata combo? Well, don't fret, because Palana/Fractal Threat Matrix is a legal option that isn't horrible! In fact, I think it makes the grind more palatable. I'm hoping there isn't such a high NPE against this deck as there was with the original iteration, but it's still early in testing. Still sings like its predecessor except now we can afford more big, multi-sub ICE to keep runners out (and dead.)

22 Aug 2018 JamesWinters

Is the deck even good?

23 Aug 2018 grimgravyboat

@Winterspringhahaha yes it's pretty good. The original had an 80% win rate with a substantial amount of games. Testing is still early with this build so I'm only 4-1 with it, but it plays very close to the original so I feel good about its power.