The Big Boy's Azmari Rush Variation (2nd in Vienna regionals

Longi 1550

I like to play fast. So, when Scorpios was nerfed, I decided to play again the Big Boy´s Armari rush deck, that I played with moderate success couple of months ago. Since that time I tweaked it more than a bit. I removed the two Amani Senai as I often felt them too situational. Instead I played third Jeeves as he is always good and third IPO as money are also always good, especially when your ID ability is switched off by EStrike. Also, my ice suite is a bit more expensive. With the criminals being back in game, riding their turtles, I removed the Vanillas and Pop-up Windows. I also wanted to protect my HQ and R&D better against new siphons and multi-accesses. I found the more expensive but reliable Wraparound and Enigma better option, especially for early rush, since the mortal enemy Maxwell has been crippled too. I also added a second sentry, namely Jua, as it is great against heap breakers. Since the best angel to protect your servers is Archangel, I decided to play the full playset. The trace is too high enough even for the link runners and the tempo hit when it fires is enormous. Moreover, I like the punishment he offers for accessing the HQ and R&D. During the tournament, the deck worked very well, except the finale game, when I thought all the ices had melted from my deck for the first half of the game. Also, sometimes I missed the Amani Senai when my agendas were being stolen. Lastly, my beloved Archangel does not guarded me as well as he used to do because of the combo Clone Chip + D4v1d being back in game.