Patchwork MaxX - 3rd Vienna Regionals

iref 170

This is just Moral High Ground Maxx with couple of changes for new MWL. Big thanks to @stephenball for publishing his original list. I had blast playing it and together with my Azmari deck it brought me to my first top 4 ever.

I only changed one Makers Eye, Turning Wheel and Citadel Sanctuary for Clone Chip, Aumakua and third Hacktivist. I installed Aumakua once in 5 games I played and it wasn't useful anyway, so I may change it for something else. Clone Chip is great to switch your empty D4vid for fresh one. Patchwork is great. It pulled lot of work for me in nearly all games.

Deck went 4-1 during tournament. Beating Jinteki Biotech, MTI, 6 point Azmari (on time) and Titan only loosing to variant of BigBoy's Azmari Rush deck in really closed game.

3 Sep 2018 Longi

Congrats on your first big success. 1st after swiss is amazing result. Well done. We had some really tense games.

3 Sep 2018 iref

Thanks. Yeah, those games were really close. At least 3 of them were 7-6 if I remember correctly.