Ubax Geist (4-3 @ UK Nats)

J-Flex 133

I'm apparently bad and oftimes misleading when it comes to naming my decks so I had @BeNNyBiLL help me out with this, I think it goes without saying...

This is the Maxx deck I took to Uk Nats 2018 and it went 4-3 which is ok, not stellar. Best game was probably versus Alex's oppressive Gagarin (who went on to be King of Swiss). I managed to control his board with Hacktivist Meeting and his hand with everyone's fave Clan Vengeance despite Student Loans showing. I managed to play Sure Gamble to gain 2 and 6 in that game.

I didn't always like the Maxx RNG, sometimes you just trash the cards you want and after levying once and Maxxing away your other Levy and SOT, suddenly you have a hard limit on how often you can hit that zero button. I swapped from Val who of course is strong but I felt there were games that she was just too slow to get setup, Maxx certainly plays a faster game. Most turns involves pitching to Patchwork and Zer0ing so you're losing cards and drawing others - it's definitely a fun deck to play.

I adapted this from a list that won a regionals in Switzerland. I liked the shards but took out some of the weirder cards like Gravedigger and Contaminate and upped the Hacktivists and +1 Respirocytes. Whilst the Respirocytes and Officer Frank interaction is cute, it only worked in half of the games so it would definitely be the first thing to go. Of course Zer0 will be gone soon, but immediate edits to the deck would be to drop Frank, drop the respirocytes and either increase the number of breakers or find room for Liberated Accounts