SeaSourceExchangeAzmari (8th german nats)

bakunin75 116

The Azmari list I took to german nats, which took me to 13th in swiss and 8th in the cut.

The gameplan is kinda one-dimensional but pretty powerful. Build a taxing remote, score stuff, tax them, sea source -> exchange them. Sea source is great against shaper, especially Smoke, if they run at the wrong moment you can trash net mercur, which is devastating.

1 QPM -> 1 Fly on the Wall could be a decent change, which was discussed to have one more threat going (especially if your oponent knows the deck list in the cut).

It went 4-2 in swiss. I ID'd in round 6. Losses where against Nexus 419, where it took me too long to close out the game and a Val, where an early rebirth into Omar got him too many points for too little tax.

In the cut the deck went 2-1.

Game 1 win against Matthew on Patchwork Maxx. He got Patchwork going early, makes money and I get a strong remote going. I can't remember how many times he whiffed on the remote, once or twice, but it was certainly very taxing. The game went close to the 40 min timer. With like 30 sec remaining, he is on 6 points I have a GFI and two 1-pointers, he decides against slow playing it and taking the timed win and go for the win on hq, because I drew up the round before. I could have install double advanced a 3 pointer, which he was too poor to take from the remote, if I could install it before the timer. So very mannered of him, not to take the "dirty" win, but go for the glory. I had no agenda in hand, there was a GFI on top of R&D however. Next turn I Sea source-> exchange for the 7 points.

Game 2 win against Volker on Geist. Good friend of mine. We ID'd in swiss in round 6, to not take each others chances for the top cut. We both managed to get the 6-0 score in round 7, we needed for the cut, so good decision :-) Now we have to duke it out, a battle for top 8 and that shiny playmat. Very intense. Over the game I build a hellish remote with like 5 ice. I had 3 ngo front in hand from turn 1. He does not bite on a single one, apparently not set up well enough. I continue to install and advance stuff, he runs now, but had only 1 tech trader if I remember correctly. He uses hooks and other pirate stuff. The last ice is a Ip-Block, he has Aumakua with 3 counters takes a tag, just has 1 kongamoto and can't get in. Wow. I don't remember it all, but I sea sourced exchanged at one point, going down to 0 credits to go up to 6 points. He is now on 4 points. I have a Kitty in hand, and an unrezzed IP-Block in front of HQ. I call event from azmari. He Legworks, floating a tag. I didn't realize that, take my azmari credits and rez IP-Block to keep him out. Facepalm moment. Instead of me winning there, he gets another 1 or 2 accesses on R&D, with a potential SSL topdeck. He doesn't get it and I can score the Kitty. Phew.

Game 3 loss against Asger on Circus Hayley. I mulligan into a great hand, no agendas, hedge, fc3, scarcity. I install the fc3 on r&d play scarcity. He checks HQ a bit, finds nothing and decides to install his resources through scarcity. I call program all the time and get filthy rich. I manage to score an early SSL behind a vanilla, because I figured he does not want to get broke breaking something nasty. He had compile in hand though, but decided to not take the risk. After all I am running 3 sea source, but I'm not sure he had installed any resources by then. Anyways, he gets his engine rolling despite scarcity running all the time. At one point he steals a GFI and a kitty. I have an opporunity to go to 0 credits and sea source exchange. There is no ICE rezzed on R&D but I take the risk, knowing he can index. I have the winning 15 min in hand, but no money. He has no clone-chips for clot anymore. I call event, he does not index. I mandatory draw a SSL next turn, take 1 cred and install advance a NGO, leaving me with 4 cards in hand, two of which being agendas. Mistake! Now he indexes, finds another GFI and a kitty, goes to 6 points. Runs HQ and finds the SSL. 50/50 for the win. What a nailbiter. I could've kept the ods a bit higher for me by keeping 5 cards in hand. Good game though. If I would not have found the scarcity here Hayley would have just rolled me over.