Mti rush (1st Vienna Regionals MWL 2.2)

fgcsem4n 92

It's only a typical rush Mti deck. I wanted to punish D4v1d, SMC, resource breakers and avoid Sports Hopper after Kakugo/Dataloop, so I 've put in 3 NMCG.

5 Sep 2018 Longi

Simple and efective, I like it. How was the money? Wasn't the agenda suite a bit expensive? Congrats on the win, I was your final oponent:)

5 Sep 2018 fgcsem4n

Hi Longi, were tight matches as hell, thanks for them! Meet you next time :) Money was decent, because I almost always could use Celebrity Gift. Rashida helps a lot to have five cards to reveal.

5 Sep 2018 JamesWinters

-1 Scarcity +1 Targeted Marketing? -1 Enigma +1 IP Block? -1 TFP +1 SSL?

Also, in my experience, playing anything less than 3 CLock is wrong. It's good on turns 1 and 2 and that's about it. You want to maximize having it in the opener. You can discard the leftovers later after Rashida draws ect.

6 Sep 2018 fgcsem4n

I think both changes you say worth a try, except Enigma. Yes, it isn't a taxing one, but you need at least two codegate with ETR in my opinion.