Project SnARE!S (World's best/worst CTM running Snare!)

Shiiuga 1193

"I'm glad I just ran the Snare! instead of Stimhacking it." - Alex White

"Wait, what? Snare! in CTM??????" - internet

"That is wild." - Wilfy Horig

"Hedge Fund, install Astrolabe, Maker's Eye - oh." - one of my opponents on turn 1

This deck is objectively quite bad but CTM was the only corp that felt good to play in testing. I didn't want to play any of the standard builds and i thought it would be fun to rep my favourite netrunner card in my one and only worlds so i dropped the GFI for Degree Mill and sacked off the Team Sponsorships for 3x Snare!

The deck was 3-1 before lunch but then Taco Bell ruined my life and it finished 3-4. One of those wins was a turn 1 Snare! kill and the other two were concessions when I had the win in hand.

In the losses I think with a bit of luck it could have beaten Alex White and I probably ought to have won one or two others but lost one to an excellent turn from my opponent and another to a silly mistake. C'est la vie.

Thanks everyone for an amazing experience xxx

16 Nov 2019 Sixtyten

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