True Art (2-5 at Worlds)

Swan 409

When i was packing for worlds I was wishing I had another week to prepare and I was stressing out about not not being ready to play in mwl 2.2, especially on the runner's side. I had the geist deck enade by @PJ20 but I really didn't have too many reps with it so while I was in the air I decided use King of Servers as a proving ground. I failed going 2-3 with Geist and as such decided if I wasn't going to be competitive I would play Apex because it's the most beautiful engine of the game.

Ultimately it was too slow in most matchups but the engine did impress most of my foes and also some bystanders. I did score two wins, one was a card perfect takedown of Palana where I was able to nab the obokata, the other one was vs Fake Gil's sports metal deck where I had perfect sequencing and just went ham. Given there were only five Apexes between both days I do have apex's best in faction card and the backside of that is absolutely the best full bleed of the ten of them.

A major shout out to @phette23 being the architect of this beast and a smaller one to everyone that cannot deny that this is the most ascetically pleasing deck in the game

11 Sep 2018 phette23

Proud of you for taking the spaghetti monster apex