HB Sucks, Pass It On (5-2 Magnum Opus)

stephenball 998

Sadly "HB sucks, pass it on" is no longer a meme, and is instead a grim reality. While it doesn't totally suck 100%, it's clearly the worst corp faction, which is a shame to me as a person who only really knows how to play these midrange HB decks. So I brought it to Magnum Opus anyway, and it performed pretty well. The two losses were to Josh Wilson and Joe Schupp, who seem to be pretty good players.

This is basically a version of my Sports list I played at regionals, but updated for the new MWL. Food is way better than any other restricted card you'd play in Sports, don't fall into the Surveyor trap.

Tollbooth is bad in this list, I only rezzed it in one matchup I believe, in round 5 against Jason Deng, and only because that game dragged on a long time without me managing to draw a single FC3. It's too expensive, not great against D4, and isn't even setting the world on fire against anarchs with Ice Carver. Cut it and another ICE to play 2 IP Block. Endless Eula is really sweet, the things it's bad against don't really show up in competitive decks, it's good on a remote against Anarchs, and has fun synergy with Loki.

11 Sep 2018 Agasha

Think I played against this in the first round of KOS. My Adam spent a lot of Overmind Counters to break those Endless subs. Well-built and well-played!

12 Sep 2018 gilesdavis

Loved seeing you play this on stream, been loving jammy HB lately!

Curious why 3x CST and not Remote Enforcement?

12 Sep 2018 stephenball

@gilesdavis I don’t like Remote Encorcement, because it will always give you less money than CST, and if all you do is make your remote better, you just get crushed in centrals. CST gives you the money you need to protect all your servers. It’s weaker to Turntable, but it’s still very good.

16 Sep 2018 gilesdavis

Good points!

Except... Chiyashi! 3x Remote Enforcement, 3x Chiyashi. New meta