Coattails 3.0 (7-2 at Worlds 2018, 55th place overall)

Ghost Meat 469

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This is the most recent iteration of the deck I took to New Zealand Nationals earlier this year, with a couple more tech slots added to beat Clot, though I didn't face a single one all tournament, even in a Hayley on Day 2. With me getting to five points by about turn five, this Hayley threatened Clot expertly every turn for the rest of the game (even though they knew they didn't have one), then a Turntable swapped my Atlas counter, and then they eventually won in R&D (shortly after enough influence came out that I deduced there was no Clot). I could have won on about turn 6, with Audacity in hand and an Atlas counter scored, but didn't pull the trigger, as an SMC was finally on the board. Props to Elliott Hedman for taking me on the ultimate ruse cruise (and congrats on making the cut!). Shortly after, Jesse Turner remarked to me that "the only person who can beat Dave's Titan is Dave." Please put this on my tombstone.

Wins were against MaxX, Hayley, MaxX, Liza, and Val. Losses against Val and aforementioned Hayley. The Val loss was due to a top-decked Atlas on turn 2, a 1 in 4 Atlas snipe in HQ on turn 3, and it was downhill from there. Technically, its record was 6-2, as one match was a 241, in which I played runner.

Cocktail idea: "The Audacity" - Mix 3 shots of Bo(o)m-bay gin (one for each Atlas) with a generous amount of Dr. Pepper (spicy backup kill package). Add bitters to simulate the moment of realization that the final two influence were Caches and not Clot in Hayley, about a turn or two before losing in R&D. Garnish with lime to represent Weyland's faction colour, as well as the envy you feel for your opponent making top 32 and having a shot at the cut. Drink each day in an attempt to drown the howling fantods you'll have every night for the rest of your life when your head hits the pillow and you run the tape back of that game over and over in your restless mind, and the gnawing sense that you're truly living in the Darkest Timeline.

Shoutout to Jesse Turner for collaborating with me on the cocktail recipe idea, and for providing this dank Martha Stewart GIF.

12 Sep 2018 Dazzler

I am a big fan of this deck !

12 Sep 2018 Ghost Meat

So nice of you to say! It's prettyyyyyyyy fun. :)

12 Sep 2018 Vortilion

Do you really need the kill option? Doesnt that slow down the rush? I mean it still Takes 2 turns to kill the runner, and that will only work when theres no missdirection/Runner has not more than 5 credits left after the HHN which at that point most runners do in my experience...

13 Sep 2018 internet_potato

@Vortilion I played a somewhat similar deck and the kill option was really clutch. Setting aside 3-4 slots so that you can instantly win against somebody that's going tag-me or opening a scoring window after they clear tags is pretty solid.

13 Sep 2018 Ghost Meat

Yeah, @Vortilion the few kill slots are super worth it. I HPT'd a Liza in the 5th round who Indexing'd through a Mausolus on R&D and took 5 tags, after carefully floating only one all game, and Boom'd a Val in the final game of Day 1. I've played iterations of this deck A LOT in Jnet Competitive, and I'd say about 1/3 of wins are with kill, so it's an amazing backup plan/out, especially in games where R&D gives up six points and the score out looks really bleak. Props to @internet_potato for doing better than me with Titan, lol.

13 Sep 2018 Ghost Meat

@Vortilion Here's a good example of why the kill is good here. I land a turn 3 kill against my New Zealand nemesis @triorph (Hi, Mike!) in the quarterfinals of NZ Nationals earlier this year:

6 Nov 2018 Vortilion

@Ghost Meat Oh wow, nice! But that was a really lucky starting hand, right? Weird of him to run when he's so low on creds... Weyland ALWAYS makes me scared of HHN. ;-)