Lousy (57th at Worlds 2018)

cillit_bangarang 92

Piloted this heap o' cards to 57th at Worlds/Magnum Opus 2018. I wanted a fast corp since I was running as Geist, and found that even Argus could go long as runners went into the tank trying to not die (rude), so decided to simplify their decisions. I'm kind like that.

It's basically the Loutfit.

Ark Lockdown is good when people are relying on conspiracy breakers/Levy.

Archived Memories lets you play more lockdowns/HHN/HPT/etc.

Thimblerig is a great early gearcheck (especially against Black Orchestra) and can be shenanigansed out for something more beefy later on.

CVS was to combat Clone Chip Clot/stuff Aumakua, but didn't really do much on the day.

Audacity is the primary game closer (when scoring out) so I added a second to increase the odds of having it when needed.

11 Sep 2018 Ghost Meat

Nice work, Day-Two Dan!

12 Sep 2018 cillit_bangarang

@Ghost Meat Thanks, Day-Two Dave.