Minor Scrapes and Bruises, Major Dollars and Cents

Handsome Jack 1576

*I made my money the old fashioned way."

?"I got run over by a Lexus!"?

Tempo-rush-Oof Outfit build. Broad Daylight is godlike. 3 or more counters and you can ping away with impunity. Turns into HPT 4-6 if you need it. So good.

Prisec and Casting Call go together like peanut butter and bread. Argus would be the jelly but I cant pass up the BP money so you have to settle for PB and Honey.

Zealous Judge is just there since its useful. Make it another Lexus or something. Haven't seen it yet but I haven't needed it either.

Ice suite is weird. Wall of Static is pretty much terrible but I hate Laamb so making them spend 5 is funny. If you have a bigger ratio of Pirate or Datasucker, use Battlement instead, that's what it was originally. Gatekeeper and Archer are your main powerhouses but Formicary is a good math-screw card that can turn a Stimhack/Yolo into a Prisec remote costlier or deadlier.

Operations are money, tags, and meat. I'd like a Fast Track maybe but Fast Track -> BD -> Advance feels terrible when I could use Casting Call instead.

Overall a fun, fast deck that I really enjoy!