Happy Hippo Val (27th @ Worlds)

dome_ 604

Hippo (that face when you use Hippo successfully)

This is the Val list I played at worlds this year. I tested Circus Reaver Hayley a lot and I liked it because it fits my playstyle and Shaper is always nice to play. But when I built a deck for our King of Servers team I decided to play Val because I wanted to see her strengh once again. So I played Val and tried Hippo. I liked this list a lot and had so much fun playing it that I switched some cards and decided to bring that deck to worlds.
- Employee Strike is such a good card. I think not having currents seems tough for some decks, esp. Hayley if she gets a turn one scarcity.
- Val has no "real" weakness. Val has some game against any deck and that makes her great!
- Playing Valencia is good plain netrunner. It feels like most of the time. And that is what I love. I love making money, drawing cards and running. This deck rewards you for making the right play.

In the end, hippo was good but not that needed. I was afraid of glacier, esp. AgInfusion and MTI, but I did face a lot of CTM. Against CTM, Hippo isn't that useful but It helped me on day 2 against some Aginfusion to destroy a DNA-Tracker, which is great.

Overall this list is great, you can cut the Hippo and try some more Turntables or heap breaker. But Hippo is a lot of fun and it makes you an happy hippo, if you install that and destroy some big ice with it :)