Works better in UK (16th Hamburg Regional)

Klopstock 577

I played this list at the Regional Hamburg. It is a slight tweak on foilflaws AMERICA CTM list, replacing one Calibration Testing with Lady Liberty, which seemed fine to me.

Round 1 versus Dome on Circus Hayley: I had an okay start and rushed out a couple of Agendas, but at a certain point I felt like Dome had the game locked up pretty well. But then he made a mistake and miscounted credits, which allowed me to stick a tag with the CtM ability. That allowed me to trash Pawnshop, ProCo and Shadow Net, which was a massive hit to his economy and brought me back into the game. Unfortunately, when we were both on match point I made the error of dropping too low in money, couldn't rez the IP Block on R&D and he stole a Beale for the win. The access itself was lucky, but I left an opening there and Dome punished it.

Round 2 versus Raven on Adam: Adam likes to run a lot. Adam has to trash things. Trashing things keeps you poor. CtM likes poor Runners that run a lot. I Hard-Hitting News'd him a couple of times, scored two agendas off Lady Liberty and just outtempoed him so much that he couldn't really do anything.

Round 3 versus Silberwolf on Sunny: Our first match took a long time, so I unfortunately just got a timed win in this game. But it would almost 100% have been a win for me if I had five more minutes. I had a great opener, scored multiple small Agendas and had an Amani Senai going (which, among other things, bounced a Nexus he had just Emergent Creativity'd in), which kept him down so much that he couldn't really build anything up. A set up Sunny may beat CtM handily, but CtM has all the tools to not let it get to that stage.

Round 4 versus Malte on Maw/Opus Quetzal: Seeing his deck unfold I wondered if he was a time traveller from a year ago. But his deck worked really well against CtM. Maw made sure that I didn't have Operations to punish the odd turn where he stayed tagged, Magnum Opus made lots of money (even though I bounced it five to seven times with Amani Senai) and he simply outlasted me. In this game I miscounted. I could have won because he let Lady Liberty live to get two counters, but I drew the Beale (which I had DBS'd earlier) a turn too late, so that out was out. In the end I couldn't do much anymore and he won.

Round 5 versus Can on Patchwork Maxx: This can be a tough matchup for CtM. But Can ran too early, got Hard-Hitting News'd, went Tagme and from then on it went downhill for him. It also massively helped that he couldn't find Hacktivists while they mattered.

What can I say? CtM is a good deck. Lots of tempo. The Worlds versions may be better, but this is definitely workable, as it won three games in a very convincing fashion and the two games that it lost could have been won with better play from my side.