When Peter Dinya gives you a list.. [German Nats 26nd]

Klopstock 575

.. to play in a National, you play that list and win that National. That's what didn't happen in this exact scenario.

This a standard Fast Advance Titan list. You rush, install Ice, collect FA tools and eventually ignore the Runner as you score out of hand. Couple of things to note:

  • Ark Lockdown is still amazing, it wins games. Play Ark Lockdown.

  • This list has no Archived Memories and I didn't really miss them. Leave those holograms alone, they suffered enough.

  • Dedication Ceremony + Reconstruction Contract are easy to include and they help in quite a few matchups (mostly ones that want to run and then punish you for having Agendas).

  • Not sure if Excalibur is needed as they will access a bunch on R&D anyway, while running the whole of HQ.

  • The combination of Project Atlas + Audacity early on is really strong, helps immensely to speed the corp up. 3 of each made perfect sense.

Finally here's Peter's favorite tire, thank you for the list!

Wolfgang pass auf

18 Sep 2018 percomis

Oh man, the memes are on point <3 Nice to see you too have better results with the deck than I did :D

The point of Excalibur was that if you put it on R&D and they can't break it (which is less likely nowadays sadly) you can use your Atlas counter to fetch an Atlas without having to worry about an HQ run after.

Wolfgang pass auf!

19 Sep 2018 Klopstock

Yeah, you are right! The problem was that I needed to find something that made sense in a similar sentence as your Divide & Conquer sentence, and Excalibur was a little awkward of a fit, but still the best thing that came to my mind. I'm glad you like the writeup :)