Aesop's Leela

jeffn2001 17

Deck I played at KoS in preparation for MO. I went through several iterations of economy/tricks, but this Aesop's version played the most smooth at one of our local Houston meta A:NR nights. My friend Travis played against it and then immediately borrowed it against someone else and liked it too, and recreated it for the next night. His version had the Indexing, so when he played his version against me, it took me by surprise, but Iiked the include. Moved some influence (-1 Harbinger -1 Turning Wheel + 1 already free influence) and there you go. Originally, there were 2 Aumakua/1 Tycoon, but I switched those too, which worked out much better.

Anyway, it plays pretty well against CtM, but I didn't face any at Magnus Opus. I went 7-7 officially (8-6 unofficially since the last round we ID'd to ensure we both got the gold prize support). I also managed to avoid all HHN with economy+No One's Home, except one game where I got greedy turn one against Argus and Indexed and stole 2 agendas. Boom. Oh well. Still had a great time :)