Kreeftmodernisme - 8th at Belgian Nationals

Tolaasin 722

After a couple of tournaments where I took good decks that I didn't have much experiences with, I decided for the Belgian National Champs to take two decks that I knew really well, Val and Argus. This iteration of Minnesotan Gulag drops two Armed Intimdation for an SSL and a Hostile, and replaces Vanilla with Ice Wall. The field was full of Smoke, and the realisation on the plane over with @mcg that Reversed Accounts takes all the money off Net Mercur paid off in practice on the day. The deck went 3-2 in Swiss, with all the wins being kills, and lost a nailbiter in the first cut round v @lpoulter. Special thanks to all my opponents, and to @clusterfox for amazing organization, it was an excellent event.

25 Sep 2018 Wet Toastie

I love that deckname :D it was lovely meeting you!

26 Sep 2018 Cluster Fox

Glad you had fun my friend. Congrats on top 8!