GPS Liza

Jakuza 431

GPS (Gotta Play Something) Liza. Alternatively known as Liza Taking Snares.

A none too surprising Liza list, that I took to the 2018 Euregio tournament in Essen, Germany. It's a lightly changed list from a Magnum Opus list by RoRo, that appealed to me for its very fun looking nature. In the leadup to the event I had no idea what to play Runner side, as I wasn't feeling trusty old Maxx for a variety of reasons. Found the deck on NRDB and made minimal changes, mostly for fun, wanting to use certain alt arts or just to fit play style. Three test games the evening before on Jnet, and subsequently I sleeved it, convinced that whilst it perhaps wouldn't make for the strongest or most consistent showing, it would at least be super fun.

In the end this deck took me to second place after Swiss. Third after top 3 where I my tired brain rused itself into eating a Snare! with a deadly Show of Force follow up by the Corp next turn. Still, I'm satisfied with the end result, as I went in just to have fun and nothing else.

Much thanks to Rene for organizing and running such a smooth, fun tournament. Thanks to my opponents, Steffi, Sanjay, Krystman, Gijs, Paul and Volke for good games. Also shoutouts to the rest of the team that day, RvdH and Gijs.